Platform Beds

Strong flat surface provides firm support for your mattress and your back. Box springs are not needed with our platform beds (save your money!); invest in a quality mattress. Platform decks are framed with matched 3" solid oak or cherry for strength and mattress retention.

Assembles easily with only a screwdriver.

Easy to handle and transport.

Complete instructions and hardware provided. Hardware supplied consists of steel bolts, nuts, lockwashers and brackets. We don't rely on wood screws or plastic gizmos for assembly.

All standard bed sizes are available (studio, twin, ¾, full, queen, king, cal-king) plus any size you may want made to fit an unusual shape or size.

You may also specify a base that is higher or lower than the standard 12" base. A higher base means the storage drawers under the bed can be deeper.

Storage drawers can go on both sides of the bed (twins; one side). You can have one ~60" long drawer or two ~30" drawers on either side.